Lacrosse G8RSkin PPE


G8RSkinTM PPE is a flexible protective device that reduces concussion-causing force from collisions. The acceleration of the brain during these collisions is linked to concussions. G8RSkin significantly reduces these peak acceleration values.

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Unleash Your Game Safely with G8RSkin™: The Lacrosse Player’s Ultimate Defense

Step onto the field with confidence and let your game shine with G8RSkin™ PPE, meticulously designed for the warrior spirit of lacrosse players. Whether you’re dodging, shooting, or defending, this revolutionary headgear is your ally, promising an unparalleled blend of protection and freedom.

Fearless Protection, Uncompromised Agility

  • Concussion-Combat Technology: Experience a game-changer in safety with our advanced material that intelligently absorbs and disperses impact, crucial in a high-contact sport like lacrosse. By stabilizing the neck and minimizing head acceleration, G8RSkin™ significantly lowers concussion risks, letting players and parents breathe easier during every thrilling face-off and goal.
  • Full-Speed Mobility: Dominate the field without feeling weighed down. Our protective gear is a testament to the fact that safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of mobility. Move with lightning-fast reflexes and fluid agility, thanks to G8RSkin™’s sleek, non-restrictive design.

Innovative Comfort Add-ons

  • Cooling Gel Pocket: Stay frosty under pressure with a unique built-in pocket at the nape, designed for cooling gel packets. Even in the heat of the game, maintain your cool, outmaneuvering opponents with a clear head.
  • Unobstructed Hearing: With strategic perforations over the ears, G8RSkin™ ensures that on-field communication is crystal clear. Coordinate with your team, hear the roar of the crowd, and never miss a beat.
  • Long Hair, No Problem: We understand the warriors of lacrosse come in all styles. That’s why G8RSkin™ includes smartly placed holes along the back, accommodating athletes with long hair, because nothing should hold you back from giving your all.
  • Hassle-Free Wear: Designed for athletes, by athletes, the front closure transforms G8RSkin™ into a hood-like shield that’s effortless to put on and take off. Because when the game is on, every second counts.

Join the ranks of lacrosse champions who choose not just to play, but to play it safe. With G8RSkin™, make every move with conviction, from aggressive checks to strategic sprints, knowing you’re guarded by the best.


Ready for the challenge? Step into your power with G8RSkin™ because true lacrosse legends never compromise on safety.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 73.7 × 1.2 × 7.5 cm

Adult, Youth

Head size

S, M, L


White, Black


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