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North America Ice Hockey Equipment Market Growth & Trends

In November 2023, G8RTech, Inc., a U.S.-based company that offers specialized protective equipment, announced the launch of G8RSkin Ice. G8RSkin Ice is designed to significantly reduce the risk of injury to hockey players, especially concussions and lacerations.

G8RTech Announces Launch of the G8RSkin Shiesty and Appointment of Don Silvestri to its Advisory Board

G8RTech, Inc., a specialized protective equipment company, has announced the launch of G8RSkin Shiesty, an innovative head covering shown to reduce concussion risk through extensive laboratory testing.

Tech founder introduces neck guard design for hockey players following recent tragedies

News 12 Connecticut's Justin DeVellis said one company is seeking to change the game for the better. He spoke with G8R tech founder and CEO Carter Hogg to hear more about his new protective gear.

Johns Hopkins safety Carter Hogg taking position to new level as inventor of protective headgear

Hogg, who recently completed his sophomore year as a safety at Johns Hopkins, loves the sport’s camaraderie, physical standards and accountability. He also hates football’s impact on those who play it, such as torn ligaments, broken bones and head injuries.

The death of hockey player Adam Johnson by a skate cut has jumpstarted work on protective equipment

The death of American hockey player Adam Johnson from a skate cut to the neck during a game in England has led to plenty of talk about how to prevent such injuries, including a new mandate for young players in the United States.

Adam Johnson’s Death Was Preventable But It Takes A Tragic Event For Change to Happen

The death of former NHL star Adam Johnson after a fatal cut to his throat has sparked a global push for mandatory neck guards in hockey.

Revolutionary protective sports gear created to save lives, careers

A new piece of equipment could better protect athletes of all ages. It uses new technology to protect a player’s head and neck. G8RSkin Ice is a first-of-its-kind personal protective equipment that not only aims to protect the livelihood of athletes, but their actual lives as well.

Dallas’ G8RTech Launches G8RSkin Ice To Protect Hockey Players

The specialized protective equipment company is rolling out its initial product for ice hockey players, called G8RSkin Ice. G8RSkin Ice is “engineered to significantly decrease risk of injury to hockey players, especially with regard to concussions and lacerations”, the company said.

G8RTech Adds to Medical Advisory Committee

Specialized protective equipment company G8RTech, Inc. appointed Andrew Saleh, MD, MPH, to its Medical Advisory Committee.

All-new Protective Balaclava Could Significantly Reduce On-Ice Concussions and Limit Neck Lacerations

Adapted from a model that was originally designed for football and lacrosse, G8RSkin Ice looks like a balaclava, covering a hockey player’s head, neck and shoulders.

G8RTech Announces the Launch of G8RSkin Ice™, A First-of-its-Kind Hockey PPE

Protective equipment significantly decreases risk of concussions and lacerations in hockey

Meet the College Football Player Whose Revolutionary Balaclava Can Reduce Concussion Risk by 60% and Could Soon be in the NFL

From a blank mind to a blank page: after everything faded to black for FJ Hogg, his younger brother Carter turned to a white sheet. Just as dad has always taught him to do.

U.S. College Student Develops Device to Eradicate Sports Concussions

The 20-year-old from Dallas has developed a protective hood that is worn under the helmet and shoulder pads called G8RSkin that has received positive results in testing

G8RTech, Inc. Names Its Medical Advisory Committee

Drs. Tamara Wexler, Charles A. Popkin, and Audrey Paul join the G8RTech Medical Advisory Committee

G8RSkin™ Shown to Significantly Reduce Concussions

NBC reporter, Roushell Hamilton, reviews G8RSkin’s protection from the rising threat of head and neck injuries, including interviews with Carter Hogg and Jay Brunetti, Director of Equipment for the San Francisco 49ers.

G8RSkin PPE Appoints Jay Brunetti, 49ers’ Director of Equipment Operations, to Advisory Board

Protective equipment is demonstrated to substantially reduce concussion risk in contact sports.

Sports Business Journal Article

The article, Carter Hogg on Creating G8RTech, Testing at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, provides a deep dive into the science behind the G8RSkin balaclava and how it protects its users. The article explains the design process and what inspired Carter to create G8RSkin.

SB Nation Article

The article, A College Football Player Invented a Balaclava to Reduce Concussions, highlights G8RSkin’s athlete-led creation and design. The article explains the science and testing behind G8RSkin and how it protects its users.

Good Morning Arizona Segment

The Good Morning Arizona segment stresses the importance of concussion reduction. The segment continues to explain the background and science behind how G8RSkin works to protect its users in the most dangerous in-game situations.

SXM ACC Radio Interview

Carter joined SXM ACC Radio to explain what G8RSkin is, how it works, and the science behind the product. Carter also covered what it means to have been able to do testing at Virginia Tech and how it has opened the doors to G8RSkin being used in multiple sports.

97.7 FM ESPN The Zone

Carter’s interview on the Thom Abraham Show covers how G8RTech is revolutionizing sports with G8RSkin. The podcast provides an in-depth look into the inspiration for G8RSkin, how it works, testing at Virginia Tech, and G8RTech’s goals for the future.

TAG24 Article

The TAG24 article College Football Player Carter Hogg Revolutionizes Sports Safety with G8RSkin, explains how G8RSkin could change the world of sports for the better through the extensive safety benefits it provides. The article also provides the background story of G8RSkin’s creation and how it works.

Sports Brief Article

The article, Sports Concussion Poses Huge Problem as College Student Invents Kit to Reduce Danger, details the impact G8RSkin could make on the field in multiple sports with its incorporation/use. The article further explains the creation, motivation, and science behind G8RSkin.

The US Sun

The US Sun article titled, BALLER INVENTION I’m a college football player – my grandpa invented the debit card, and I can reduce NFL concussions with my new creation, gives background on who COO and Creator Carter Hogg is, as well as an in-depth look into what and how G8RSkin protects players on the field. The article also gives background into the Hogg family as their impressive legacy continues to grow through G8RTech.

Total Information AM Interview

The interview explains how G8RSkin works and its benefits for its users. As well, the interview includes the story behind G8RSkin, the influence of Carter’s brother's football career-ending injury, and how the decreasing number of players in contact sports became the inspiration for G8RSkin’s creation.

Western Slope Now Interview

The interview, NEW brain PPE tech on the rise, explains how G8RSkin works and protects its users from possible head and neck injuries for the user. The inspiring and motivating story of Carter’s brother’s career-ending injury insisting G8RSkin’s creation is also included.

Tech of Sports Interview and Article

In this interview with Tech of Sports, Carter explains the benefits of and science behind G8RSkin, its creation, and where G8RTech plans to go in the future.

WQAD News 8 Interview

The interview with ABC WQAD provides a detailed look into the testing G8RSkin went through at Virginia Tech, and how the findings support the high reduction in concussion probability and neck protection.

Las Vegas Review Segment

In their 7@7 segment, the Las Vegas Review explains the motivations behind G8RSkin and G8RTech’s goal of making the playing field a safer environment.

KWKT-TV 44 Segment and Article

KWKT-TV 44’s segment and article about G8RSkin explains the science behind how G8RSkin protects its user. The segment ends with recognizing the major stride G8RTech has taken toward athlete safety.

Team Insight Article

Team Insight’s article, New Tech Aims at Reducing Concussions, explains how G8RSkin is a viable path toward reducing concussions and increasing safety for all full-contact and extreme sports. The article also includes the plans for G8RTech’s future to incorporate more sports equipment.

KXYL-FM 102.3 Interview

KXYL-FM 102.3’s interview with Carter details the motivating factors behind G8RSkin’s creation as well as how G8RSkin works and its multitude of injury prevention benefits. The interview also includes a detailed explanation of the fit and flexibility provided with G8RSkin while being a protective piece of equipment. The interview concludes with a dive into the Hogg family’s inventing legacy.

Sports Byline Radio’s Sports Interview

Carter joined Sports Byline Radio segment to explain how G8RSkin was created and what were his motivations for creating a product to help reduce concussion probability.

Can We Make Football Safer?

Carter chats with Tim Healy about the technology behind how the G8RSkin works, and how his brother’s concussion inspired him to hit the invention drawing board.