Statement From The Founder


From the Olympics of Ancient Greece to the gridiron of today, sports have become a fundamental aspect of human life and society. Yet, they are under attack. As science has evolved, the dangers associated with the sports we all know and love have been thrown into the limelight.

Each year, more people stop playing their beloved sports out of fear of injury, and more parents bar their children from starting athletic journeys. No injury is more responsible for this effect than concussions, and people’s fears are justified: our brains are invaluable. Unlike so many other injuries, we do not have a surgery that can undo the damage of traumatic brain injuries, making the prevention of such injuries critical.

We here at G8RTechTM are sports lovers—former and current athletes—who want people to enjoy the same great experiences we have had with sports. We see no better way to do this than to allay the concerns of parents and players alike, allowing them to focus not on fear but on the joys of athletics. So, we endeavor to innovate protective equipment by reimagining and inventing systems that keep players safe, allowing them to stay on the field while enhancing their athletic performance.

Our first product goes after that terrifying giant we call concussions. G8RSkinTM is an innovation in the world of sports, turning a simple balaclava into a device that can drastically reduce your risk of concussion. It is lightweight, flexible and, most importantly, quantitatively effective. Our data-driven approach has allowed us to measure exactly how G8RSkinTM PPE reduces the risk of injury, making it easier to improve and allowing us to achieve the best possible results.

We know how detrimental concussions can be to the lives of athletes; we have seen firsthand how our friends and family members have dealt with both the short-term and long-term effects of concussions. With that, we strive to protect people from experiencing those same struggles.



Carter Hogg